[ros-dev] Re: msafd headers

Mikhail Y. Zvyozdochkin mzvyozd at narod.ru
Wed Sep 14 13:10:40 CEST 2005

Filip Navara :

> My rough guess is that it's combination of wrong include path (in ROS 
> build files) and non-PCH compiler (ie. GCC < 3.4).

Maybe, yes, thanks, but I used latest (2 month ago) mingw-gcc 3.4.x (now 
I'm writing from other computer, at work, and not remember third version 
digit, sorry).
Filip, what did you mean under "ROS build files"? *.c sources from my 
If yes - it will be Perhaps, better, to correct sources as I wrote to 
provide compilation not only under PCH compilers?


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