[ros-dev] I/O subsystem question

art yerkes ayerkes at speakeasy.net
Wed Sep 14 06:38:13 CEST 2005

Gunnar Dalsnes wrote:

> sry. i ment synch. io
> Ge van Geldorp wrote:
>>> From: Gunnar Dalsnes
>>> We dont support serialization of asynch. i/o agains the same
>>> fileobject.   :-D
>> Ok, let me rephrase :)
>> Both the recv() and the send() call are synchronous: they are not
>> expected
>> to return before they completed their job. However, they are being
>> called
>> from two different threads and so are in progress at the same time.
>> Seems
>> like a pretty common scenario for network apps to me.
>> Gé van Geldorp.
Hmm.  I know that before moved I created different events used by each
synchronous call in msafd to correct exactly that problem.  Is that not

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