[ros-dev] Testing ROS on VMWare With 32MB... Interesting Results

Hartmut Birr osexpert at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 19:17:36 CEST 2005


running ROS in qemu with ctm and taskmgr as application reports the
following memory usage:

MC_CACHE:     3671 pages
MC_USER:      2764 pages
MC_PPOOL:     448 pages
MC_NPPOOL:    4973 pages
Free:         20894 pages
PagedPool:    3684 blocks with 1242232 bytes
NonPagedPool: 13298 blocks with 11009752 bytes (283 free blocks with
86312 bytes)

70 blocks with 7358512 bytes from NonPagedPool are used for symbols.

- Hartmut

TwoTailedFox wrote:

>Been having a poke around, it seems neither LiveCD nor BootCD will
>boot into GUI (Using latest HEAD SVN), on 32MB.
>BootCD will complete first stage installer, but won't boot into GUI to
>load the second stage setup. LiveCD immediately hangs.
>Now, on VMWare, I use Other/Other as the OS Category, and I've been
>hearing some (like WaxDragon), using Windows XP Professional as the OS
>Category. I obtained a BootCD of 17751 rev, and tried it on the WinXP
>setting, using 32MB. First time I tried it, it hung at copying
>ole32.dll (34%). Second time, I got a STOP error during the file
>transfer. Third time, however, it completed the first stage fine.
>The only difference between the Other and WinXP Pro settings is the
>inclusion of a USB Controller. I added one to my "Other" setup, and
>ROS, again, installed fine first time around on 32MB.
>Now, for the interesting bit. The error is a pretty constant one, and
>it complains of No Memory Pages Available. It seems just common to the
>GUI, seeing as ROS won't boot on 32MB even once Setup is completed.
>This is the case for both SVN Live and BootCD's.
>Something in the GUI is causing a leak

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