[ros-dev] Universal Kernel?

TwoTailedFox twotailedfox at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 12:16:11 CEST 2005

Good Idea in principle, but coding it would be another matter.

I like the idea of a Rosetta-Style subsystem, that catches a binary,
and then translates it real-time to run on the host architecture.
Thing is, that's very taxing on hardware, and it'd need a Decent CPU,
and Hard Drive to work best (Consider the system used in the Mac OS x
x86 Developer PC's is a 3.6GHz Pentium 4, that gives you the basic
indication of how much juice may well be required).

While such a system is outside the general scope of ReactOS, this
would be where we borrow the "Distributions" idea of Linux. Sure, the
Core ReactOS Goal is to develop a quality Operating System that is
NT-Compatible, but as the system becomes more and more complete, I
don't see why this can't be undertaken by a seperate set of
developers, pursuing a different goal, in addition to the main one.

Just my 0.02c

On 9/12/05, art yerkes <ayerkes at speakeasy.net> wrote:
> Rick Langschultz wrote:
> > I figure the reactos kernel could be ported to PowerPC; later. So
> > when reactos is stable on powerpc or another system reactos could use
> > a utility to allow reactos to run mac os x programs transparently  on
> > top of ReactOS. Or even IA-32 programs on that system also. This
> > would be reverable PPC-to-IA-32 and IA-32--to--PPC. I figure if
> > PearPC contributed code to the project with XEN and others ReactOS
> > could translate these binaries. Just a thought...
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> Good ideas, but let's see some code.  Also, many of these ideas apply
> generally and don't need to be reactos projects.  Running OSX binaries
> on windows would involve a colinux like darwin kernel userland port,
> which is quite feasible and also quite outide the scope of the reactos
> project.  I'd encourage somebody to finally work on a userland mach on
> windows.  Heaven knows that the win32 api is rich enough to map
> virtually every mach call to a handfull of api calls.  Once you had
> that, i'd expect it to take only a month or two of tinkering to get
> userland darwin running.
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