[ros-dev] Universal Kernel?

Radovan Skolnik radovan_skolnik at tempest.sk
Mon Sep 12 09:37:52 CEST 2005

Nice idea. However there's one thing that you missed: AMD64 bit processors
enable to run x86 32bit code without modification (same goes for Intel).
That means in this scenario there is no translation involved - the CPU
executes the 32bit instructions directly and OS just supports this scenario
(it's similar to running 16bit applications on 32bit processors).

The truth is that on Mac OS X there is this translation technology being
able to run PPC binaries on x86 (the thingy is pretty complex probably).
However it doesn't work on all of them and I doubt it would be easily
licensable to project like this. But one never knows. There are already
things to base such work on: PearPC as PPC emulator and some others probably
exist for other HW platforms.

Best regards

	Radovan Skolnik

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Hey everyone,

I have a feature suggestion for version 1.0 or later... I think it would be
called the universal kernel. The kernel could be compiled and made to run on
various architectures: ia_32, ia_64, PPC, XBOX, PPC64, etc. The computer
would translate natively compiled files from other systems into ia_32 or
ia_64 code. I know that Windows XP (64
bit) uses WoW which allows 32 bit programs to access 64bit memory or
something like that. This way reactos could be installed on a variety of
systems with one installation disc instead of a flavor of that disc. Just a
suggestion for the future...
Rick Langschultz
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rlangschultz at ellemaespa.com (Work)
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