[ros-dev] lib/crt/stdlib/strtoull.c

Mark Junker mjscod at gmx.de
Mon Sep 12 00:46:47 CEST 2005

Filip Navara schrieb:

> Sorry, I must have missed it that time. I commited a big different 
> version that uses existing CRT types and constants (ULONGLONG -> 
> uint64_t, ULONGLONG_MAX -> UINT64_MAX) now. Thanks!

Ahh ... I forgot that stdint.h is available on most platforms nowadays.

Ge van Geldorp schrieb:

>The preferred way to submit patches is create a new bug in Bugzilla (http://www.reactos.com/bugzilla), give it a component of "Patches" and attach your patch to that bug. Having it in Bugzilla means it won't get lost. Sending it to ros-dev might work, but there's a bigger chance that we'll be working on something at the moment the mail comes in, think "Hey, a patch, I need to take a look at that later" and then forget about it (as probably happened to your earlier submission).

Ok, thank you, I'll do this in future.


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