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Lucio Diaz reactos_translate at yahoo.es
Thu Sep 8 12:23:39 CEST 2005

Sorry, but i still cant see the point. 

0.2.7 is a release, and thus is oriented to the user
(maybe power user or fan at this moment), to test and
play around. Users, like me, dont go to bugzilla cause
most of us can not make sense of all that techicall
information. I knew there was a problem, a blocking
problem for anyone trying to install the OS in real
hardware and i wrote about it where a user (like me)
may find out, in the wiki. I can not understand why
you become angry. I am just filling some documentation
for the user, and that is the only whay i can
colaborate ( i doubt you would apretiate my little
pascal and delphy coding skill).

Known problems is for that... enumerating the known
problems of a determinated version, while 0.2.7 is the
last version i consider relevant the fact that it can
not be installed in Real Hardware. I wish i could
debug and find the problem, but i dont have the
experience or the tools to do so. 

with my best wishes to the team,

Lucio Diaz.

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I think you missed the point. I'm talking about
When calling things "known problems" I want bugs for
them.  I'm going
to assume you are talking about this known problem:
Which was even noted on the 0.2.7 changelog page:
PLEASE, if you write ANYWHERE that ReactOS has a
"known bug" please
provide a link to the bug in bugzilla.
If there is no bug in BugZilla, then there is a great
possibility the
Testing team doesn't know about it.  By filing bugs,
we can reduce the
amount of duplicate effort required to fix said bug.
When filing bugs, please review
http://www.reactos.com/wiki/index.php/File_Bugs first.
With that out of the way, I know that noone has looked
at that bug
since 0.2.7 was released.  If you can gather any
useful info about the
hardware (the i8042 controller specifically) that you
experienceing the problem with, update the bug, this
may help with
getting it resolved.
PS. I'm very tempted to make the "Know Problems" page
go away, or
heavily modify it.

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