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Wed Sep 7 18:36:35 CEST 2005

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> Subject: Re: [ros-dev] Bootcd installation failure
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> Well, I have no idea what Lucio means by that "known
> problem", since
> he isn't very specific.  17600 is not even close to
> where we forked
> 0.2.7.  I remember there were some problems around
> then.  Try 17604, I
> personally tested that rev and it seemed to work ok.
> In the future, if you are going to call something a
> "known problem"
> please link to the bug in Bugzilla.  If the "known
> problem" isn't in
> bugzilla, it isn't "known" as far as I care.
> Thanks
> WD

I reported it in both the general and dev mailing
lists, it happens in real hardware in two complitely
diferent computers, one Intel and one AMD, with
completely diferent OSes as base instalation and both
with previus sucesfull reactos instalations. In both
the instalation CD hangs before installing anything
(maybe reading the partitions?) to the Hard drive.

Not many people test reactos in Real Hardware, but i
was told the problem was already known. I have not
tested the SVN since long so i can not say if it is
solved. Still it is a KNOW reproducible problem of

With best regards,
Lucio Diaz.

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