[ros-dev] Bootcd installation failure

Gge gerard.gatineau at laposte.net
Tue Sep 6 07:50:59 CEST 2005

In the wiki page related to Known problems for R..2.7 -->> 
  , it is mentionned that "The install CD wont install reactos in some 
computers. LiveCD might boot in the same computers without problems"

I cannot Boot using Boocd based on svn 17600 and created using the 
recommended "Built Environment" as indicated in the Wiki -->> 

The problem is reproductible on my 2 computers in real hardware , as per 
   debug messages below.

=> Is it the same problem ?

  (ntoskrnl\ldr\loader.c:252) Could not open module file: 
(ntoskrnl\ldr\loader.c:252) Could not open module file: 
(registry.c:220) Can't read registry: c0000034
(registry.c:231) Manually set defaults
(ntoskrnl\ldr\loader.c:252) Could not open module file: 
Packet: DriverEntry
(ndis/protocol.c:678)(NdisRegisterProtocol) Called.
(ndis/protocol.c:685)(NdisRegisterProtocol) NDIS 3 protocol attempting 
to register
(ndis/protocol.c:764)(NdisRegisterProtocol) Opening configuration key: 
(ndis/protocol.c:773)(NdisRegisterProtocol) Unable to open protocol 
NPF: Failed to register protocol with NDIS
(ntoskrnl\ob\object.c:157) Invalid Size: 18 or Attributes: 1
(ntoskrnl\ob\object.c:243) Failed to capture, cleaning up
(ntoskrnl\ob\object.c:825) Capture failed
(init.c:108) SM: InitSessionManager: failed to create \SmApiPort 
(ntoskrnl\ob\wait.c:246) Returning: 1
KeBugCheckEx at ntoskrnl\ex\init.c:716
A problem has been detected and ReactOS has been shut down to prevent 
damage to your computer.

Technical information:

*** STOP: 0x00000071 (0x00000001,0x00000000,0x00000000,0x00000000)

<ntoskrnl.exe:24c6 (ntoskrnl/ke/bug.c:498 (KeBugCheckEx))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:b8a5f (ntoskrnl/ex/init.c:716 (ExpInitializeExecutive))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:6706 (ntoskrnl/ke/main.c:100 (KiSystemStartup))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:b684e (ntoskrnl/ke/main.c:294 (_main))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:104b ({standard input}:47 (_section_alignment__))>


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