[ros-dev] Poll Results

Brandon Turner turnerb7 at msu.edu
Sun Sep 4 23:48:23 CEST 2005

Nice work, thanks for getting the information out there that you 

I'm just going to through this out there.  I know it has been talked 
about a little before(right when i first started lurking on ROS).  How 
about a paid developer?  I'm not thinking anything long term.  I know 
most devs already have a job or are busy things.  But if we could rasie, 
i dont know maybe 3000 dollars, for a current dev or maybe someone that 
isnt to work for 3 months at 1000 each? And we gave the dev some kinda 
goal to get something done, maybe push networking all the way through 
and really get the pnp a good base?  Whats everyone else thinking?


Alex Ionescu wrote:

> Hi,
> I've compiled the results from the poll that I posted on the forum 
> (some of you may know about it, some may not, that's fine, the 
> presentation is quite clear about it) and published it as a slide 
> presentation in four formats:
> Open Document Format: (For OO 2.0):
> http://www.relsoft.net/ReactOSResults.odp
> Adobe Acrobat Format:
> http://www.relsoft.net/ReactOSResults.pdf
> Macromedia Flash Format:
> http://www.relsoft.net/ReactOSResults.swf
> Microsoft Powerpoint Format:
> http://www.relsoft.net/ReactOSResults.ppt
> I hope I've been diverse enough with the formats ;)
> Best regards,
> Alex Ionescu
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