[ros-dev] SMSS & LSASS: Service Status

Casper Hornstrup ch at csh-consult.dk
Sat Sep 3 18:08:23 CEST 2005

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> 2) peer revieweing the client management code and the SM API in general
> (Suggestions, hints, proposals, questions, code welcome! This is a
> really broad subject, because of the key rôle the SM has in managing
> multiple personalities; the SM interacts with NTOSKRNL, the user mode
> loader in NTDLL, per personality debuggers; per personality subsystem
> servers).

Speaking of debuggers, I would welcome an implementation of some debugger
APIs. I really have no idea of which APIs or how to use them. All I know
is that I need to be able to have reporterror.exe run and attach itself
to a process when the process experience an unhandled exception.
Reporterror.exe can then grab the register information and resolve the
stack trace using rsym symbol information and publish it to the ros-errors
mailing list.


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