[ros-dev] State of the Repository September 2nd 2005

WaxDragon waxdragon at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 05:00:00 CEST 2005

First, some stats:

In August there were:
* 676 Commits 
* 49 bugs opened
* 139 bugs touched
* 44 bugs closed

Looking over the logs, here are some of the big and/or highly visible changes:

*sedwards bought in some winetests (in regtests/winetests)
 This resulted in some immediate fixes
*navaraf replaced the pesum tool with pefixup
*sedwards brought dosfsck in late July, and enabled writing in August.
 Still needs testing, but seems to work.
*brandonturner implemented windows style tab completion, replacing the
bash style we had before.  I believe this can be toggled. Also, cmd
has really been getting attention from brandonturner and greatlord,
may little bugs have been fixed. Thanks guys!
*ion removed the third-party driver info from the hives and placed
them in the wiki.
  I felt this was a good move, since it will motivate people to
fix/implement driver installation.  The interim solution was going to
be creating .reg files to import or just re-add the info to your local
hives.  This had the side affect of breaking our vmware video driver
installer.  After some bugfixes, vmwinst now loads the driver, but
ReactOS seems unable to set the resolution.
*navaraf fixed the i8042prt detection, partially fixing the
AllocConsole bug. This was merged to 0.2.7 and we shipped it as a
known bug.  We have received just a few reports of the AllocConsole
bug on IRC, so it seems to work for most.
*navaraf fixed the translation of extended keys, fixing my bug
hilighting text with Shift+Arrow keys. Merged to 0.2.7, thanks Filip!
*ion twiddled the priority code, fixing some winetests
* ea returned to work on subsystem code
* gdalsnes fixed ftol, progressing Abiword 2.0.3
* ion corrected the LPC Message Structures
* amunger fixed the freeldr.ini Timeout ;0)
* hbirr fixed several bugs that were blocking selfhosting (ros-on-ros
  I am able to compile ros on ros with the patch from the selfhosting
bug. Thanks Hartmut!
* We found that release builds of msi.dll allow the VMWare Tools
installer to run, several bugs were fixes in relation to this. Thanks
*fireball got USB keyboards working on the XBOX, along with various USB fixes
* ion cleaned up the NDK headers
* gvg added the autogenerated DIB code for 32 and 8 bpp
* navaraf reimplemented the HAL DMA routines
* There was some work on the MSVC backend, thanks to sedwards and royce
* navaraf fixed some bugs in NDIS
* navaraf tweaked the explorer taskbar, fixing the misaligned buttons
under windows
  This exposes a bug in ReactOS, so the taskbar looks a little off now.

17604 seems like a good way to start September:

* shutdown bug fixed

* Default Abiword 2.2.9 install works
* Abiword 2.2.9 runs and opens documents.
* 7-Zip 4.23 Installer works
* 7-Zip GUI has several issues
* 7za.exe (cli) works
* OO installer unpacks, but bombs a few pages in
* notepad opens and saves files properly
* winemine doesn't work
* solitare works
* ps works
* mc seems like it has issues (I'm not a user per se.)
* format still doesn't work
* calc doesn't even start
* cat works
* regedit can set values
* wallpaper stays if set in registry, not if using desk.cpl

* qemu networking fixed
* ftp fixed
* ping works
* ipconfig has issues
* finger works
* "route print" works
* netstat doesn't work
* ncftp has issues
* hostname works
* arp doesn't work
* mIRC installer works, fails creating icons (or start menu I don't remember)
* mIRC has several issues, can't get it to connect

and the usual implementing new functions, syncing to wine, and bugfixes.

Overall 17604 "feels" good and stable.  I was able to use the command
line without too much trouble, installed many packages, and only saw a
few BSODs, mainly in the network code.

I think that is a pretty good summary, and since it's been the day of
long emails, I won't go any further.

Please reply to this email if there is something I forgot, overlooked,
got wrong, etc..

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01:04PM <filip2307> none exist
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