[ros-dev] Cash for Trademark - reallocate Donation to huricane efforts?

Royce Mitchell III royce3 at ev1.net
Fri Sep 2 17:25:52 CEST 2005

Alex Ionescu wrote:

> I care very much for what is going on, and I will donate myself later 
> on (I find that charities totally mess up/corrupt donations, 
> especially near the beginning....what did all those 9/11 billion 
> dollars go to? 80% probably for "Administrative purposes"), but with 
> all due respect, this is a choice that people must do on their own. I 
> (and the other people) donated that money for furthering the *ReactOS 
> cause*, not for helping the hurricane victims. You would be cheating 
> those people in a way, and maybe even wasting money. Consider these 
> cases:
> 1) Foo donated 50$ to ReactOS, and will now donate 250$ to relief 
> funds. (ie: my case). You will now take Foo's ReactOS money and give 
> it to the relief fund behind his back, even though he already donated 
> and wanted these 50$ for ReactOS.
> 2) Foo lives in Bar, and really really doesn't care about the US or 
> whatever its going through. Heck, nobody donated when Bar had the 
> great 2140 earthquake! Foo gave 100$ to ReactOS, and would be really 
> pissed to see it go to those "evil americans".
> 3) Foo doesn't like to donate unless he knows where the money goes. 
> Foo was happy that ReactOS was totally direct about where his specific 
> donation would go to, so he made a leap of trust. Foo now finds out 
> that we are diverting the money for something else (maybe Foo would 
> even mind if the money were diverted to pay for a new server, even 
> more so towards a totally different cause).
> Best regards,
> Alex Ionescu
Ditto. They have donated the money for a particular purpose, it is 
irresponsible and possibly illegal to redirect it like that. The Red 
Cross begs people to send money to the "national disaster relief fund" 
instead of "hurricane katrina victims", because if donated to the later, 
and the have extra money, that money can *never* be spent legally.

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