[ros-dev] Plug and Play status - Device installation

Hervé Poussineau hpoussin at reactos.com
Sun Oct 2 12:32:40 CEST 2005


Since some weeks/months, I've done some work in setupapi.dll.
I'm now able to install devices using provided .inf files, ie copy needed
files and create registry entries.

rundll32.exe newdev.dll,DevInstall [InstanceID] where InstanceID is
something like ACPI\PNP0501\1 or

However, I've still some bugs and some missing features:
- OpenSCManagerW freezes ReactOS [1]
- CreateServiceW is unimplemented [2]
- Service image path provided to CreateServiceW looks like
"C:\ReactOS\System32\drivers\driver.sys", instead of
"System32\drivers\driver.sys" [3]
- You have no way to use a .inf file which is not in ReactOS\Inf directory
- Files to be copied are always searched in ReactOS\Inf directory (so they
can't be found) [5]
- Files to be copied need to be already decompressed (ie not in a .cab file)
- A reboot is needed before being able to use the newly installed device [7]
- Having multiple times a same device is not supported, if the bus driver
can't provide a unique DeviceID [8]
- Last, but not least, device installation is not started automatically when
a new device is found/plugged [9]

[1] See bug #826: http://www.reactos.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=826
[2] In lib/advapi32/service/scm.c. It needs to call umpnpmgr.exe by RPC, as
in OpenServiceW implementation
[3] In lib/setupapi/dirid.c: the value returned by create_system_dirid() is
always a full path
[4] It's due to missing functionnality in newdev.dll (lib/newdev/*), which
should ask the user when no driver is found
[5] In lib/setupapi/queue.c. If a file can't be found, SetupCommitFileQueueW
should ask the user where to find the file
[6] We need to support the [SourceDisksNames] section in .inf files
[7] Maybe calling IoInvalidateDeviceRelations() at the end of
SetupDiInstallDevice (lib/setupapi/devinst.c) would be enough
[8] We need to generate a ParentIdPrefix entry in registry in some(?) cases
[9] I suppose it should be initiated by umpnpmgr.exe, when it sees a device
for the first time


PS: If someone is interested to work on one of this parts, please answer
this email

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