13 Dec 2014



Unclean cleanups

Hello, everyone!

I think the best way to explain how this week started is by recreating a conversation that happened on IRC (shortened and cleaned so that it looks more serious and professional then the typical IRC conversation):

gadamopoulos: Oh gigaherz, we have bugs due to the conversion to c++. Pretty obvious ones. CTaskBand is a mess: punkSite is ambigouous, as member and parameter.

gigaherz: I tried to find all of those, did I miss some?

gadamopoulos: Yes.

gigaherz: I need to make a renaming of the class members to m_Whatever... maybe I should do that instead of starting something else.

gadamopoulos: Yeah, our explorer needs a serious cleanup.

And so the week began by taking the C++ classes of the new explorer, and fixing up the variable names, making sure that all usages were correct, and fixing a few along the way. I also took the chance to clean up a bit of the code that manages the start button, although I’d like to do more refactoring in the future.

Renaming the variables took a bunch of hours on its own, but by the time I was done, I had some issues with the themeing in the start button, which took me even longer to fix. In the end, I realized I had been calling the wrong function all along, and my brain was choosing to ignore the obvious mistake, instead of making me aware of it.  On the upside, I did some improvements to that code meanwhile, and ended up with one less field in the class, so it was all for the best.

I also took a look at some older patches that had been pending in JIRA for over a year, which I had promised to look at last summer, but never did. Sadly, neither of the patches would apply cleanly anymore, due to all the changes in the shell, so I had to ask the author to provide more information, or new versions of the patches.

After that, I went back to looking at other issues that seem to be noticed by everyone else more than I thought they would be. But time flies fast, and it’s already Friday night, so I decided to write the report now, rather than delaying it unnecessarily.

Over the weekend, I’ll try to organize all the new issues, map the JIRA numbers to the entries in the TODO list if they were already known, or add them if they are new, so that I stop forgetting things every time I blink.

Discussion: https://reactos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13861

See you next weekend.

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