14 Nov



October 2013 Meeting Minutes

19:00 UTC
dev.reactos.org, #meeting


Meeting started at 19:08 by Aleksey Bragin.

  • Point 1: Coordination
  • Point 2: Code Style Guidelines
  • Point 3: Donations and Hardware

Point 1

Aleksey Bragin opened up the meeting with a statement that the project's members need to coordinate and work better together to avoid internal confusion as to what work is being done and what work requires some help due to other commitments by team members.

Point 2

Colin Finck presented for approval a finalized draft for the project's coding style guideline. While Colin acknowledged that there will always be some minor disagreements due to differing personal opinions, he felt that the current draft captured the major points and was ready for a vote. Further changes can come with the current draft as a foundation. A vote was taken and the draft was adopted.

Point 3

Colin emphasized to the team that the Foundation possessed enough financial resources to purchase new hardware if there was a need to help with development. He also discussed ways he could report these purchases so as to better inform donors what their money was being used for, perhaps by producing summaries of purchases.

Meeting was closed at 20:33 by Aleksey Bragin.

Minutes prepared by Ziliang Guo.

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