ReactOS Trunk Builds are automatically built by our BuildBot each time a change is committed to the ReactOS Repository. This way, Trunk Builds incorporate latest fixes. However, they are not as thoroughly tested as the release builds. You may find regressions and bugs.

You can enter a revision number (e.g. 75928) or a revision range (e.g. 75878-75928)
Latest ReactOS Revision on the SVN Server: 75928
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  • bootcd - BootCD ISOs are designed to install ReactOS onto an HDD and enjoy the new features since last release. You will need the ISO only for the installation. This is the recommended variant to install into a VM (VirtualBox, VMWare, QEMU).
  • livecd - LiveCD ISOs allow you to use ReactOS without installing it. It can be used to test ReactOS in case your HDD is not detected during installation, or if you have no alternative system/VMs to install it on.
  • -dbg - Debug version includes debugging information, use this version to test, produce logs and report bugs. This is the recommended variant to install to report bugs.
  • -rel - Release version with no debugging information. This version is smaller, but it cannot be used to produce logs.
  • -msvc - Debug version includes debugging information and PDB files, use this version to debug with WinDBG.