GSoC NTFS 2017 Update 2

All is going well :). Since the last update, I've checked off a minor TODO related to file creation: increasing the size of the master file table, if needed.

Every time the mft grows, it creates several empty file records at a time. In the past, I was using this to my advantage, and was only creating files in empty slots that already existed. Every time I got an error saying there wasn't enough space for a new file, I'd boot into Windows, create a file (which would increase the mft size), and get back to testing.

GSoC NTFS 2017 Update 1

Hello everyone! My name is Trevor Thompson. I'm a computer science major at Blue Ridge Community College living in Virginia. This is my second time participating in Google Summer of Code. I'm very happy to be working on ReactOS' NTFS driver again!


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