Google SoC lwIP Report Week 12

In week 10, I had completed a major rewrite of my driver. In week 11, I dove into the problem of lwIP not being thread-safe once again. While I was able to deal with most of the individual bugs that kept popping up, each one was taking me more time to solve due to the haphazard nature of my previous fixes. At the beginning of last week, it was quickly becoming more apparent that I would need to rework most of my code once again if I wanted to have any hope of circumventing the multithreeading issue once and for all.

Controlling (not just) Ctrl+C

Probably one of the funniest moments while developing is when you realize that something that "looks easy" is not as straight forward as it seemed at first sight.

The task was "really easy": Just creating a console app which (1)loops infinitely, (2)doing some tasks and (3) which breaks when the user decides to stop it (4)printing some valuable info before exiting.

USB stack improvements GSoC - Week 11

I spent last week moving from 2k3 to ROS. After doing final validation of my usbhub changes on 2k3, me and my mentor decided to move to some real world issues. I have setup my development and testing environment work with ROS instead of 2k3.

NTFS Write Support GSoC - Weeks 9, 10, 11

Wow, these weeks keep blazing by! Apologies for the missed updates; I've been faced with a family emergency for the past couple of weeks. My girlfriend's dad was in the hospital for 13 days after having a heart attack, getting a triple-bypass, then suffering from Ogilvie syndrome after surgery. He got out Saturday and is recovering. It's been a very long, scary time for my girlfriend and her family and she needed my support full-time.


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